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Rapunzel Tower Room 1543
Avatar of Alice

Alice Miller

Our main character. She is an 18-year-old freshman, and the closest to normal of all our studious NU group. (Well, isn't that nice.) She's an art major. (Wait, I thought you said she was normal?) Weirdly enough, she seems to be the only character who can break the fourth wall.

Avatar of Diedre

Diedre Keith

A roomie of Alice's. She's a 16-year-old freshman biology major, and has alice patience for anything out of the ordinary. (Her parents make her go to NU.)

Avatar of Himeno

Elizabeth "Himeno" Loxley

The next roomie. She's a 20-year-old junior (although she doesn't look or act it). We don't know her real name yet (or very much else about her, for that matter), but Magical Girl Anime Otaku works just fine. She's obviously hyper, and a cosplayer.

Avatar of Jane

Jane Tremayne

Roomie #3. She an 18-year-old freshman English major who doesn't like nicknames, but loves games. All kinds of games--board, video, and sporting. For some funky reason, she's the only person who knew about Nowhere before actually coming.

Frog Prince Dorm Room 0501
Avatar of Ben Turner

Ben Turner

A.k.a. the Warsie. He's a 19-year-old sophomore. He lives for Star Wars.

Avatar of John Stewart

John Stewart

A Trekkie, through and through. He's a 19-year-old sophomore rooming with Ben--his best friend and ultimate rival.

Avatar of Theodred

Theodred Merlin

A Renaissance Man. He's a 20-year-old sophomore English major who specializes in bad poetry.

Avatar of Edward III

Edward Van Buren the III

He's a 17-year-old freshman physics major and chemistry minor. He thinks he's the smartest person in the school.

Avatar of Spike


Drawn to life by Alice, and is now her pet.

Avatar of Starlight


Himeno's pet.

Avatar of Vega


Diedre's pet.

Avatar of James Gray

James Gray

Trying to take over all of the where schools for his dad.

Avatar of Dorien Gray

Dorien Gray

Replaced the old Art teacher when she disapeared.

Avatar of Ishmael


James' Henchman.

Avatar of Hera


Vice President of the Sci-Fi club. Also Jame's Henchwoman.

Avatar of Mr. Hyde

Mr. Edward Hyde

Evil alternate form of Dr. Jekyll.

Avatar of Macwin

Macwin, The Evil Computer

An evil crossbreed of Windows ME and an I-Mac.

Avatar of Dawn

Dawn Carver

Dawn is a gifted seamstress and Himeno's go-to-girl for costumes.

Avatar of Rachel


Theo's old flame. She likes costumes as much as he does.

Avatar of Mike

Mike Loxley

Works at Growl's Computer Lab. Twin brother of "Himeno".

Avatar of Suzie


Chairman of the Decorating Committee in the Sci-Fi club.

Avatar of Daisy


Suzie's friend.

Avatar of Zacharias

Zacharias "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Beetles

Sci-Fi Club President.

Avatar of Quiggly


John's sycophant.

Avatar of Brianne


Knows everything gossip related in the school.

Avatar of Merlin


President of Nowhere U and Theo's dad.

Avatar of Peters

Magician Peters

Vice President of Nowhere U.

Avatar of Dr. Frankenstein

Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Human Biology Department Head.

Avatar of Igor


Dr. Frankenstein's assistant.

Avatar of Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Henry Jekyll

Chemestry Department Head. Addicted to Prozak.

Avatar of Bocob


God of Knowlege and Magic. Also teaches Magic History.

Avatar of Tarzan


The Gym teacher.

Avatar of Dr. Susan Calvin

Dr. Susan Calvin

Dr. of Robotics.

Avatar of Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Expert Detective.

Avatar of Dr. Watson

Dr. John Watson

Mr. Holmes right hand man.

Avatar of the Snow White Witch

Snow White Witch

Theo's mom.

Avatar of Sauruman


The Master librarian at Nowhere U. He has an inferiority complex with his movie counterpart.

Avatar of Mrs. Clemmings

Mrs. Clemmings

The missing art teacher. She onced owned a strange magical pencil.

Avatar of Transformation TA

Transformation TA

No one knows anything about her.

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