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James Gray
175 lbs.
Reddish Brown
Half Japanese, Half British. Would have a British accent if I could write one.
Clothing Choice:
Jock, punk, goth…whatever’s cool and depends on his mood. Also wears samurai gear when practicing kendo.
Cats, Japanese food, himself, things going according to plan, himself, the color black, compliments . . . himself.
Dogs, tea (both English and Japanese kinds . . . odd kid), things not going according to plan, people who talk back, being wrong, people who are better looking than he is.
Special Item:
Splicer Amulet that allows James to blend with the DNA of a tiger and the element of fire.
Physical specialty:
Enhanced senses
To the world, he is calm, polite, and kind. Under that mask lies a calculating, manipulative, narcisstic, cruel mind. He does not take failure well and would rather shoulder blame on everyone around him. He can be patient when waiting for a moment to strike. If you anger him, he may not get immediate revenge, but when it comes it will be far worse. He is very obsessed with his appearance (both physically and metaphorically), and the only thing that can depress him is meeting someone better looking than himself. Despite all the negative, he pulls off the kind act unusually well for someone with such a dark side.
Artist's Comments:
If you couldn’t tell from the previous statements, James is my main baddie here at the moment. Unlike all the other characters, I can’t really pin James’ character inspiration down to a real-life person or even part of my own personality. I’m not a narcissist by any means, and I certainly am not that mean. Maybe he represents my dark side, the one that I don’t ever look at so I’m not entirely sure what it is. In any case, he’s my excuse to have someone run around wearing Kenshin’s clothes and waving samurai swords. ^_^
I can’t get too much into his backstory, as it’s very plot important. All I can say right now is that he’s a wizard. Wizard’s magic works differently from witches; they don’t need wands to channel their powers (hand movements work for that), but they can also create powerful stashes of magic that can allow for very fancy things. James owns a splicer amulet (mentioned earlier) that contains a good chunk of his power. With it, he can mix his own powers with that of the tiger and the element of fire. He’s made such toys for his minions too, as we’ll see later. The downside to this, is that it takes a LOT of time, effort, and power to make these, and if they’re destroyed it rather bites to be the wizard who made them (whereas if a witch’s wand was broken, they’d just whine for a moment about inconvenience and then make a new one the same day).
By the way, James is wearing the letterman's jacket I always wanted to get but never could affoard in high school (that's a Lindbergh High School jacket, from my hometown of Renton, Washington).
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