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Theodred Merlin
Clothing Choice:
Renaissance, Medieval, Victorian, Elizabethan, etc. Will only wear modern clothing under rare circumstances, and even then under severe protest.
Poetry, English, history, art, performance, literary theory, fencing, and rapiers.
Sports (doesn't understand them), illiteracy, spicy foods, "New Age" anything.
English, poetry and history emphasis. Minor in World History and English Language
Theo is the most naïve of all people attending Nowhere. He doesn't understand it when people find his obsessive need to be liked annoying. He doesn't even realize how annoying he can be, actually. He's always happy unless something is not going his way. Then he'll be depressed . . . for five minutes. Afterwards, he just launches into another happy mode. He is always on the lookout for a girl that he can get along with . . . and if he finds one he thinks likes him, no one can convince him otherwise (not even the girl herself). Aside from complete ignorance of anything of the world, he is a loyal friend and gentleman, and can show great courage when the need arises.
Artist's Comments:
I can't go into too much detail yet as to why Theo was created. All I can say now is that he wasn't my idea. He was created for reasons that will become apparent later. However, since his creation, I'm having problems getting him to fulfill the role that was originally intended. I can still make it work, but there will be complications. This is what I get for working in a friend's made-up character, lol. It will be interesting to see what I do with him in the future.
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