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Chapter One

(1–17) Arrival

(18–55) First Day of Classes--Class Schedules

(56–60) First Date? or Day Two

We Interrupt This Program...

(61–64) Day Two (cont'd)

(65–75) Computers

(76–85) Day Three

(86–98) Night of the Third Day

(99–108) Bewitching

(109–110) End Chapter 1

Chapter Two


Back to the Story

Going Nova


End of the First Week

Cuteness and Tech Support

Chapter Three

Of Pencils and Magic

Pre-Game Warm-Up

The Game

Cold War

Know Your Fight Song

Let the Battle Begin

Let the Battle Really Begin

Battle Scars

Give the Artist a Break

Back to Brawl

After Fight Forshadowing

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Specials and Guest Strips


Guest Strips

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