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John Stewart
Reddish Brown
Clothing Choice:
He wears clothes that can only be classified as "cool," and Star Trek cosplay.
Star Trek, teasing Ben, pranks, doing nothing, reading sci-fi, gymnastics, wrestling, horror/suspense films, spicy food, sour food, food in general
Chick-flicks, Star Wars, sissy stuff, homework, chores, bossy people
Media Arts, epmhasis on Directing
He's pretty laid back, except when it comes to Star Trek. But he also likes to take charge of the situation when the need arises. He loves to give people a hard time about harmless, embarassing topics, mainly because it's funny. His main rival in everything is Ben, so he tries to undermine him whenever possible. However, despite their clashing, they seem to still get along pretty well as roommates.
Artist's Comments:
John is the Trekkie I used to be years ago when I watched Deep Space Nine religiously. Voyager didn't really float my boat, and my interest faltered and dwindled. But there's still no denying that Star Trek is truely a revolutionary series in television, and was engeniously pulled off. John is my tribute to that, so he's the personification of my old obsession...multiplied by a gajillion. His casual manner is a mix of my own lazy streak and also my little brother of a year ago (my brother has since gone on a mission for my church and has transformed into a workaholic, a fact which suprises and exites me, as well as kinda freaks me out). John and Ben were originally created to be minor background characters, occuring only occasionally for a punchline or two. However, they've wedged themselves hard into the storyline, so what else can I do but work with it?
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