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Real Life Counterpart Quote: "She's a bit more of a basketcase than I am . . . I think."

Alice Miller
120 lbs.
Dark brown
Clothing Choice:
Striped shirts (mainly blue and sometimes green), jeans.
Drawing, reading, writing, sci-fi and fantasy, dragons, listening to music.
Math, things that make no sense, licorice, mayonnaise, wearing a skirt, and getting lost (which happens frequently).
Alice is a cheerful, optimistic person. She doesn't take surprises very well, however. But once she gets used to things, she can accept all sorts of strange events, so long as she can make heads and tails out of them. She often is the glue that holds her apartment together, although it's not like it's coming apart or anything. She can be supportive and encouraging, but can sometimes lose confidence in her own capabilities, which she can't figure out to save her life.
Artist's Comments:
Alice, being based off me, is the character that I have the hardest time writing. For some freaky reason, the more like me a character is, the harder she is to do anything with. Go figure. Alice also carries some traits that my twin sister has, although it's anyone's guess which are whose. She is based off of what I looked like a few years ago, before I grew my hair out again. She also shares my dislike for skirts and my obsession with blue and green clothing, jeans, and striped shirts. Don't ask me; for some reason, that's the majority of my wardrobe. That, and shirts with cool pictures, with a few fancy-ish shirts to make my fashion-crazed little sister happy. Alice also is a way for me to manifest my own insecurities while at the same time denying I even have any. ^_^
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