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October 12, 2010

Just a quick note from Treyva. The new site is here! We really hope you like it. If you find any typos, broken links or pictures that don't seem to be lined up correctly, please head over to the forums and let us know. When reporting a formatting problem, please include your OS, browser and browser version.

T-shirt order progress meter

October 5, 2009

Sharm here again. I'm adding a meter to show how close we are to print. The yellow mark is the minimum, full is all shirts sold. For those who pre-order, there's a bonus. You get a bookmark of the character of your choice! Or characters if you want something different on the opposite side.

preview of bookmarks

It seems a few things have needed to be clarified, and I'll re-answer the questions here. The shirts are on an US Men size system. I'm an adverage sized girl (5'5" 130 lbs), and I'd wear a medium. Unusual sizes up to 6XL are possible on preorders only. Just order an XL, but you'll have to email me so I know what size to have made (drakecastle at hotmail dot com). We will ship internationally, but there's an extra $3.00 fee.

September 15, 2009

Hey, this is Dawn's RLC, aka Sharm on the tagboard. I've got lots of news. I'll start with the good. First and most obvious, is that we have the ability to post news again. For those of you who didn't know, Shada's password stopped working, and Comic Genesis didn't respond to any of her emails. But with help from a friend of mine we got the password reset. Unfortunately this sets off a bug in CG's code that makes it impossible for her to force an update and it won't be fixed, so that will still be a problem. Still, we can now tell you what's going on. Yay!

We have a new tagboard! Those who've been using it know how much we needed one. This one shouldn't have the swearing filter problems the last one did. If you don't follow the tagboard, you should give it a try. Shada forgets to keep story secrets, and RLC's show up and comment all the time.

My favorite bit of news is that I got Shada's go ahead to do shirts!

preview of T-shirt
Shipping Choice
Bookmark Character(s)?

This is the shirt design we'll be doing. Now I just used a shirt template I found online, this isn't exactly what the shirt looks like. It'll be printed on a Hanes %100 cotton comfort soft tee. We need at least 14 pre-orders before we can get them printed. Please use the order button above for now, later we'll have a new store area up. The shirt costs $18 dollars, and that includes shipping.

Now for the bad news. Shada has possibly broken her thumb. It was her right hand too, so she can't draw. This is why I'm updating instead of her, it's a pain for her to type right now. She's really stressed about this since it means you'll be without updates for a undetermined amount of time. I think it'd make her feel a lot better if we could do some fan strips or put up some fan art in the meantime.

October 12, 2008

OK, I totally didn't mean to take a several month hiatus, but I was moving, and then my moving destination changed due to medical problems. I'm now trying to get said medical problems resolved. That's the long story short. But I've freed up time, and I should now be able to work on the webcomic again! And guess what? NOWHERE U IS NOW BACK TO A THREE TIMES A WEEK UPDATE!! This is to apologize for my long absence. I hope that's OK.

Also, I'm working on another two donation wallpapers, also to try to appease the angry mob. ^_^

March 2, 2008

Hey y'all! Sorry for lack of update here, but my internet has been really on the fritz. But I still make sure that the updates are getting up at some point, so hang on tight.

Meanwhile, A NEW DONATION WALLPAPER! Those who donate will get this lovely new wp depicting the villains of Nowhere University, with the kitty trio in the front, Dorian Gray and Edward Hyde at the sides, and...wait, who's the mysterious cloaked figure in the middle? We haven't seen him yet... Anyways, donate to see! There are actually two different versions of this wallpaper. There's the one you see here, and the one with the background a mass of firey spirit of the whole "destructive bad guys" theme. When you donate, you'll get the default one plus this pic of destruction as a bonus. 'Cause I'm that nice. The previous wallpaper will be going up IN SMALL VERSION (donators only get the full wallpaper size) on my deviantart site, plus it'll make a new VOTING PICTURE! So if you want to see it in SOME form or other, just vote on Topwebcomics (see button above) and voila! ^_^

BTW, if you donated and DIDN'T get the previous wallpaper, let me know and I'll check though my emails. Due to wierd stuff happening, they might have gotted misplaced in the shuffle. If your name doesn't come up in my email or on my PayPal donation list, then nice try, but hopefully I'm not that stupid. ^_~

December 18, 2007

OK, my updating has been wonky, and will continue to be a little off for another few weeks. Reason one: my scanner went kaput and I got a new one. I'm still trying to get the hang of it though, so pics may look a little grainy or so until I do. Darn it. Reason two: Finals. Need I say more? Reason three: A lot of my artwork is going into finishing my next Rising Stars of Manga entry in time for the Jan. 11 due date. It'll be the first one I've done since starting this comic, and I've been working on it since August, so I'm excited. Reason four: Christmas break, with no scanner in sight at home. I hope to get enough backlog done for at least one update a week, if nothing else. Also, I can do the digital work with no problem from home, because I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP!! ^_^ I'm calling it Heart of Gold, because Windows Vista's just as random as that Hitchhiker's Guide ship, and I named the hard disk "Infinate Improbablility Drive" for kicks. I almost named my laptop "Harry Potter" due to the Hewlett Packard HP everywhere, but I've been getting more and moreannoyed with Rowlings and her series with every new "update" she throws out, so bag that. Despite Vista, this thing's a hecka lot more reliable than that Box of Evil that exists at home, so here's hoping.

So, new scanner, new laptop...oh yeah. ^_^ We're almost done with this date arc that's been going since...ever, so expect some fun stuff soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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