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December 18, 2007

OK, my updating has been wonky, and will continue to be a little off for another few weeks. Reason one: my scanner went kaput and I got a new one. I'm still trying to get the hang of it though, so pics may look a little grainy or so until I do. Darn it. Reason two: Finals. Need I say more? Reason three: A lot of my artwork is going into finishing my next Rising Stars of Manga entry in time for the Jan. 11 due date. It'll be the first one I've done since starting this comic, and I've been working on it since August, so I'm excited. Reason four: Christmas break, with no scanner in sight at home. I hope to get enough backlog done for at least one update a week, if nothing else. Also, I can do the digital work with no problem from home, because I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP!! ^_^ I'm calling it Heart of Gold, because Windows Vista's just as random as that Hitchhiker's Guide ship, and I named the hard disk "Infinite Improbability Drive" for kicks. I almost named my laptop "Harry Potter" due to the Hewlett Packard HP everywhere, but I've been getting more and more annoyed with Rowlings and her series with every new "update" she throws out, so bag that. Despite Vista, this thing's a hecka lot more reliable than that Box of Evil that exists at home, so here's hoping.

So, new scanner, new laptop . . . oh yeah. ^_^ We're almost done with this date arc that's been going since . . . ever, so expect some fun stuff soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

November 06, 2007

New voting pic up! Yes, after a long break, I've put up another Nowhere U Omake comic. Check it out by voting for me on Topwebcomics!

And the site redesign is really coming along! Just letting you know that we've been doing what we can on it. I've gotta tweak some art, plus write some content for some of the other pages (my "about" page needs a complete overhaul), but there shouldn't be much more to do. I'll keep you updated.

November 02, 2007

Sorry for no update Tuesday. What kind of sadistic teacher schedules so much due in one month? Even more sadistic, how about a midterm on November 1st? How's that for a Halloween scare? I could only party for a few hours. Poor me, right? *is smacked* Nah, I actually love my teachers for that class; I'm just sad that I had to spend most of Halloween studying. But I still was able to go to my friend's party. I dressed as the Angel of Death . . . again (fancy vampiress dress, black wings, black halo, scythe, fun stuff). Yeah, I know . . . I went as that last year. But when you're a college student on a short budget and even shorter time schedule, you make do with what you have. Besides, it's a cool costume. ^_~ One of these days I'm gonna finish my TRON costume though.

So enough about me, what about you? How'd your Happy Halloween go? Didja dress up? If so, as what? And if you didn't, WHY NOT?? It's the one time of the year where you can act like a complete nerd and be somewhat socially OK! Hehehe! ^_^ I love this holiday.

Anyways, one midterm down, one more plus a group presentation and a research paper to go. I'm dreading November more than finals in December.

September 25, 2007

Fate hates my webcomic.

Sorry for no updates last week, my computer fried. Literally, it fried; the smell woke up my roommate (Diedre's RLC). Fortunately, it was only the power supply, and my roomie's cousin used connections to get a really nice one for only $25 bucks and fixed it for me. ^_^ Nice guy! So now I'm back up. There should be no more problems, hopefully.

September 12, 2007

OK, now I have good news and really bad news. Bad news first.

This is the first semester that I've had both school and work in years. The last time I did both I did not have a webcomic to run. Thus, I have a time constraint problem, which can only be relieved one way. And that is, that from here to sometime in the future, Nowhere University is a BI-WEEKLY COMIC. That is, I will be updating on TUESDAY and FRIDAY ONLY. This week, the update will be for Monday and either Thursday or Friday, whenever I get the strip done. But I can no longer support a tri-weekly update with my workload, not without going to just outlines, which would totally kill the mood currently. I have actually been considering this for a while now, but I had hoped that it would wait until I got the fight sequence done. On the plus side, we are getting near the end, but it'll just take somewhat longer to get there now. Again, I'm really sorry, but school and work come first, and I only ever meant for this strip to be a practice in drawing for me. It has evolved beyond that, so I won't drop it entirely, or even go to a once-a-week update. But I do need to cut back. If I get the time, I may do a bonus strip every so often.

OK, now for good news. The new web layout has been taking a little longer than expected, but that is not the fault of Dawn's RLC (who is currently doing a dynamite job on it). She did, after all, take some time off to come with me to help pick up HHB Bookmaster (my twin) from home, and is currently playing host. Despite that, she has still managed to get a lot done on the site layout, so it should be ready soon. I've also completed some artwork that will be going up on the site. This will be an ongoing project for me, as I hope to keep adding to it as months go by. But for now, the preliminary art is done, and the website is coming along beautifully.

July 30, 2007

GOOD NEWS!! ^_^ Hopefully this will make up for the hard times we've been having here at Nowhere U. WE'RE GETTING A NEW WEBSITE!! Dawn's Real Life Counterpart (known as Sharm on the tagboard and forum) has offered, for my birthday coming up in August, to redesign the site for me. The new site will have a lighter and less depressing color scheme, plus a few other fancy things like an official Nowhere University Seal. Might make a good T-shirt design, if I ever think about opening a shop. Anyways, I've sent her my initial sketch idea of the new site layout, and she's been working magic already. Not sure when the new site will be going up, but it should be sometime in the next few weeks.

And everyone, give a big round of applause to PurpleRebecca, my old roomie and friend (and Rachel's RLC, despite us not having actually met Rachel in the strip yet) who helped me put together this current layout. Becky, you're a big help, and you did excellently with the lame colors I picked to be NU's school and website color scheme. ^_^

July 23, 2007

No, I'm not dead. But life came at me hard, and I've been trying to cope. Like the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours." Least to say, one of the big events was the sudden death of my grandmother, and subsequent results. Several other things happened, some ugly things came into light, and a long story short; the last month has been killer. Hopefully I'm getting over it though, so I can go back to the action/comedy filled webcomic plot of mine. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to update hardly at all for the last few weeks, but this break needed to happen for my sanity.

Oh, and this should have gone up on Monday, but my computer decided to spit out my FTP program and mutiny with my wireless internet connection. *headdesk*

July 09, 2007

For all you American nuts like me, I hope you had a happy Fourth of July! ^_^

OK, down to business. Sorry, but there was no update last week. I was only planning on Monday, but you can't plan illness and stuff, as life keeps having to constantly prove. To make an extremely long and uninteresting story short, I basically had several panic attacks that left me jittery and quite unable to do anything aside from sketch. Badly. I'm much better now, but I'm really annoyed at having been unable to draw, which is usually my escape from pressure (and thus keeps panic attacks at bay, which is why I had several; no draw = no relief). So I deeply apologize for the lack of updating last week. Here's hoping this fight sequence can continue uninterrupted now. . . .

June 13, 2007

In case you've all noticed, and you've probably had, we've been having update issues here at Nowhere U. And not just here. Basically, anyone hosted by ComicGenesis have been having trouble for the last week and a half. Why? I DON'T KNOW. It's not like CG is letting us KNOW of any problems or anything! But basically, this keeps setting my updating schedule back by a day. So if you don't see an update, keep checking back. You never know when CG will finally allow it to actually appear.

On another note, I've had no time for new voting pics, as you've also probably noticed. This is because I got a new job, and it pays well, and I like it, and it comes first over bonus stuff for my webcomic. Fortunately, I can draw my strip at work during down time, so the strip itself won't suffer. But as of now, I'm changing the voting pic update from once a week to "Random". So that's something else to keep checking, as you'll never know when it'll change.

May 16, 2007

Hey, guess what? I haven't had the internet for over two weeks! Guess what again? YOU NEVER NOTICED!! ^_^ See, my apartment complex decided to switch their internet service to a wireless one. Why? I HAVE NO CLUE; it makes no sense. But my comp didn't have a wireless card. It took over two weeks for me to finally get my hands on one. However, I planned ahead! I did backlog that covered the first few days, and then I hobbled from computer to computer on campus and in the apartment (one roomie's laptop had wireless) to get the other days uploaded. It was a bit of a pain, but I'd rather go through the effort than miss more updates.

But I have the internet now. And my connection is averaging the same, I think (due to wireless' unpredictable nature, who knows what my given internet speed is at any given moment?). So it's back to updating with my own comp! Which means I can update my news post which, if you're reading this, I have already done.

And don't forget to check every week for a new voting comic up on the Topwebcomics' voting page for Nowhere U!

April 18, 2007

I'm BACK!! ^_^

Sorry I had to take a week off. But I was literally working constantly for the whole time. Thankfully, all the essays got wrote, the reading got read, and the test was taken and passed with flying colors. Yay, good grades!!! Well, I can't guess yet what I got for the essays, but since the Writer's Workshop at school couldn't find anything wrong with 'em, I hope my teachers don't.

Thanks to Crystal and Kristin Burnt-or-Dead, the real life counterparts of Diedre and Jane, who gave me ample guest art to work with so the website could still have an update on the three days I missed. You're a big help!

April 10, 2007

BAD NEWS!! There will be NO UPDATE until next Wednesday, the 18th. The reason being, is that I have four papers to write, (one of which is a 12 page research paper), two papers to revise, one test to study for, several short stories/poems to cram, and a 400 page book to read. All due NEXT TUESDAY. Well OK, two of the papers and the rough draft for the research paper are actually due this THURSDAY, but I won't bother you with details. In short, every waking minute of my life for the next seven days will be dedicated to finals. I was going to space it out more evenly, but all my classes decided to have everything due on the last day of class and not finals week. I'm gonna die.

Again, I'm sorry for this, but I really have no choice. It is imperative that I get good grades in these classes; there's more at stake than just a good grade. There will still be an update for the Omake voting strip on Sunday, because that's already mostly done. But there will be no actual comic update till next Wednesday. Sorry, but school and life is a high priority, especially when the path of my life literally hangs in the balance of the events of a week of school.

EDIT: My roommate, AKA Diedre's Real Life Counterpart has some stuff to put up for the three days. First up will be a spliced strip of artwork from previous art explaining my current homework situation as told by Alice and Diedre. Then we've got some scenery sketches she did for the other two days. So there WILL be updates, just not comic ones done by me. ^_^

April 8, 2007

Another omake comic is up on the Topwebcomics voting page! I've started a new thing where I'm putting them up once a week on Sunday. Be sure not to miss 'em as they come out, because as of right now I have no plans on reintroducing them. Maybe if I ever publish books I might include them, but as of now, once they go they're gone. So enjoy them while they last!

And again, thanks to those who donate! Keep in mind that this donation pic won't last forever either. Not sure when I'll change it, but since the scene depicted on it is fast arriving, I may change in the next few weeks. Get it while it's here!

April 4, 2007

Why is everything breaking down?

In case you haven't noticed, Wednesday is not updating yet. Comic Genesis is jammed, or something, and isn't updating. I've bumped into a few more strips that I watch online that aren't updating today either. Had trouble with Monday too. Not sure when this'll be fixed. All we can do is twiddle our thumbs and hope that they get things in order back at the CG headquarters. Actually, if you're reading this message, it probably means CG is back up again, since otherwise this news post won't update. So um, forget it I guess. Go figure.

To make things more annoying, Top Webcomics seems to be down as well. *headdesk* Is this some internet conspiracy? Has some webcomic hating hacker breaking into all famous comic websites? Again, the best we can do is bear with it. I hope TW can get itself in order before I do my next Chibi Voiting Comic. . . .

April 1, 2007

Wow, long time no type. Sorry, school's been busy. Anyways, Happy April Fool's Day! No, I won't play a practical joke on you; I didn't have time to plan anything. But I HAVE started a new trend! Beginning today, I'm gonna do a once a week new voting pic series, Nowhere University Chibi Omake Comics! Basically, I do little Japanese style comic strips that poke fun at the strip itself. I'll update them every Sunday (unless I'm too busy with school). Omake 001 is up right now. So don't forget to vote so you can see the comic!

Also, thanks to those who've donated so far! It helps me buy food. I'm gonna keep this donation gift up until I hit my target donation, then I'll make another one. So thanks again for the help!

Feb. 23, 2007

Hope you all had a wonderful Singles Awareness Day . . . I mean, Valentine’s Day. And President's weekend off. And life in general. ^_^

As for myself, I've finally sold my soul to PayPal, and now have a donation button. This comes from my needing food and unable to get hired for a job (they seem to have this thing with people who can walk, disabilities act be darned). So I figured that I can turn my hobby into a job and make money from my art, if I can. Two things will come from this. OK, three things actually.

Thing number one. Notice the suspiciously Nowhere-centric tiny pic above the PayPal button? That's a hint as to the donation gift. Yes, I have a donation gift! It's a wallpaper depicting a rather overdramatic representation of an upcoming scene . . . when several main characters first run into our tiger-villain. Donators will get this in exchange for helping me eat. ^_~ Guest starring in this wallpaper is the oddest lamppost I've ever drawn.

Thing number two. Depending on how successful this is, I may start doing other bonus/reward art. Such as more frequent voting pics, or even an EXTRA UPDATE! Oooooooo! Also, because I can now officially say that I'm earning money for this, Nowhere U has jumped high on my list of priorities. School still comes first, but now that Nowhere U is earning money, it has the same status of importance to me as a job. That coupled with the fact that I'm NOT going home for surgery this summer (and therefore do not need to take a summer hiatus to avoid dealing with the horror that is the home computer) means that missing strips will be VERY few, and will only occur in emergencies.

Thing number three. I will also be, on my Deviantart page, opening myself to commissioned art. In other words, you give me money and a picture idea, and I draw it for you. This is not quite in effect yet, but will be announced on my Deviantart page maybe within the next week, in which I'll begin taking commissions. How much a pic costs will depend on how much time I spend on it.

So that's it. Beware; this is my first time with PayPal, so I'm not entirely sure how this works. I'm hoping I get a notice and email of everyone who donates so I can get then the donation gift, but only trial and error will teach. See ya on the other side.

Jan. 22, 2007

Happy New Year, everyone!

Yes, I'm alive. Barely. My fault for not updating. I had backlog drawn and scanned for the holidays, but . . . I forgot to transfer it to my USB drive so I could work on it over Christmas. *headdesk* And the last few weeks back to school have been . . . stressful. I've got some serious problems, so life demanded my full attention once I came back. I'm not out of it yet, but I've managed to get to the point where I'm not so stressed out I'm having panic attacks. So now I've got to start repairing the damage the last month of no updates has done to my viewership. On the plus side, I'm not planning on going home for the summer for surgery like the last three summers, so there shouldn't be a hiatus this summer!

I really do apologize for not updating. But life and school come first, and I did start this strip as art practice/fun. Depending on how my problems resolve themselves, there may or may not be changes to my update schedule. But as for now, I'm still planning on updating three times a week.

It's great to be back! I've also done some looking into and prep design for a new web layout for the site. What I choose will depend on whether or not I can get my sister's help with designing a few things. I'll keep y'all updated.

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