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Dec. 17, 2004

Ok, I have good news and bad news. Bad news first. Given the stress of finals week, and difficulties with hard and software ($*%# computer), I was not able to get a Christmas special done, neither was I able to get all the strips I wanted done. So for the next three weeks, I will only be updating on Wednesday (a.k.a. one strip a week). This was something that I reeeally didn't want to do, but unless I stay awake all night, there is no way I can humanly do six to nine strips, plus a full-color special. So I will be updating once a week till sometime January. But don't worry, I still plan on having a special...a "Belated Happy Holidays" kind of thing, to try to make up for the loss.

In better news, I DID manage to finish something for the site, thanks to the help of my good friend Rebecca JJ (my site coder). The character bios have been updated with each character getting their own page, complete with full color portrait and more in-depth bio (except the guys; I've only got color pics for two of them, and their bios are far from complete, but that's ok because we haven't met them yet anyways). So enjoy what little art talent I've managed to scrape up. Starting next week, we are into my most recent format change, and the strips you see will have been drawn starting several months ago, so they're also in a slightly better art style than the earlier strips.

Again, sorry for not following through on what I promised, but I unfortunately have this thing called a "Life", which really does get in the way, but I have to deal with it nonetheless. I will now be heading off for a two-week vacation which is very much needed. I will return hopefully on the 4th or 5th of January. Enjoy Nowhere!

Dec. 9, 2004

Argh, I just noticed another art problem with Wednesday's strip. Jane said her Nintendo games are to the left, and yet when Alice looks right, you don't see the games to the left. -_- Maybe they're off-screen...

I'm right now working on full-sized character drawings for the character page. I will hopefully get them done before I have to leave for Christmas break. Of course, I also need to work on the Christmas special, as well as the strips in the new format which will be fully shaded (I hope) and, if all goes well, actual backgrounds! Plus I need to finish finals for school! I'm gonna die! ^_^

Also in the works are buttons and a banner, but I'm not gonna even try to pretend to get those done. They will probably go up some time after New Year's.


Dec. 5, 2004

Yup, yet another change in format. And not the last either. But the next one may be, and once I get to that format, the artwork should start showing definitely show signs of improvement.

Also, I've been working like mad to get enough strips done for the Christmas Break. I'm not gonna be able to log into my Keenspace account starting the 17th and ending the 5th in January, since I'm going home to a less reliable internet connection (unless my dad's finally gotten that cable that he's been promising since summer, but even then I don't have my computer with all my FTP and files and junk, so it doesn't really matter WHAT the connection is). So in preparation, I've been trying to get all my strips done in time to have a lot of backup. And I need to do a Christmas Special too, although this time I probably won't use all the characters.

And finally, I'm also trying to get character images done to stick in the profile section. These are going to be colored and have more detail than in the strip, so they look better. Or, will look better...I hope. ^_^


Nov. 29, 2004

Sorry the Monday strip is late. I got sick last night. Beats me how; I was healthy as a horse earlier that day. Oh well.

For all of you who've read Adventurers!, I'm excited to announce that Webrunner chose my sister's guest comic for last Saturday! Boo yeah! My sister doesn't have much of her own webcomic up yet (called the Hero's Handbook, and is hilarious so far), but she does have extensive storylines planned, so it's gonna be good.

Nov. 24, 2004

I'm not going to be here tomorrow to comment on my Thanksgiving Special, so I'll stick my comments up now. If you are confused, check back Thursday and read this post again. ^_^

This special was drawn Tuesday. Compare this to the strips that are being posted now, which were drawn a year ago. earlier strips least by comparison. In any case, this special has characters that have not yet been introduced, but will be later on. There are already minor descriptions of them in the character page, which will be updated as we learn more and more about various characters. But these are the main ones that we'll be seeing. Want more information about some of them? Then keep reading the strip! ^_^

You'll also notice the guest appearance of me in the strip. You can always tell when I'm in the strip, because a stupid tag announcing "Artist" is always hanging around. Occasionally, I'll break the fourth wall and make cameos.


Nov. 19, 2004

Today's strip reveals the magical ability Alice (and Alice alone) has of breaking the fourth wall. This will be used pointlessly (and sometimes, importantly) throughout the strip.

In any case, I can't help but look back at these earlier strips and wonder what was going through my mind. I actually drew these earlier ones about a year ago, so my art style's improved majorly since. Also, I've changed my layout about twice or so because I can't stand drawing in the tiny little spaces that I cram onto one page (as Alice illustrates for me in this strip). Do you realize that the first four strips I did were all crammed on the same page? I move to a horizontal layout and fit three to a page for the next little while, before finally going to the square, full-page for the later strips (those are the ones I started drawing after my summer break).


Nov. 14, 2004

Okay, the site is finally up! My friend and roomie Rebecca JJ helped me make the site (or, made it while I watched and nodded and stuff).

This is the beginning of Nowhere University! There's still a long way to go, but this is what we've accomplished so far. Soon, I hope to have an actual banner for the title, and maybe some other artwork (like replacing the boring ol' text buttons with "pretty arrows" as Rebecca JJ calls them.

Also, this site will update every other weekday, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Enjoy the ride to Nowhere!

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